70-year-old Lawmaker Sentenced To Death For Corruption


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A 70-year-old lawmaker has been sentenced to death for charges bordering on corruption.

The lawmaker, Bai Enpei, a member of the Chinese parliament, was brought before a court for abuse of political office.

Bai Enpei was also accused of collecting bribes totaling 246 million yuan towards his personal pocket.

The lawmaker who was a former senior legislator with China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress, was also accused of amassing excessive assets using the proceeds of his corrupt practice as there was no traceable source of income to back the luxury properties.

The Chinese government further accused the lawmaker of deliberately misappropriating and siphoning government funds.

The death sentence passed on the lawmaker will be converted to life imprisonment subject to good behaviour.

The Anyang city intermediate court which passed the judgement wrote on its official blog: “The amount of bribes Bai Enpei accepted was huge, the details of his crimes extremely serious, and their social impact especially pernicious.”

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