These are things cheaters need to understand


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Some people are the ultimate cheaters (Yoruba demons?) there is nothing or no one that can make them stay faithful–even if cheating could cost them everything.

Let me school you a little on  your habits. I will share with you 10 reasons why you are wasting your time (or is it energy now) cheating.

Your dishonesty is hurting you too

It hurts you, it hurts your partner, it hurts your forbidden lover, and cheating will taint future relationships.

Relationships don’t even make you entirely happy, I doubt if cheating will

Although relationships can definitely contribute, they aren’t central to your happiness. You could have the best relationship in the world, but if you aren’t happy with yourself, you will still be miserable. Inner peace and being content with yourself have to come first.

Keeping a secret is a work load

Even if your partner never finds out that you cheated, you are destroying your own happiness. The stress of hiding it day after day will take its toll. Either be loyal or break it off– for your own sake. Relationships aren’t always that simple, but you will be happier this way.

You might not be the only cheat

If you’re so miserable with your relationship that you decide to cheat, then your partner is probably feeling some of that same unhappiness. It’s better to break up than to cheat.

Seek that solace in your own relationship

One of the biggest miscommunications in relationships comes when you and your partner aren’t making each other happy. You’re not meeting each other’s’ needs. If you want to stop cheating and find more value in your current relationship, a great first step would be to find out what makes you and your partner happy.

It is okay to be sad sometimes

Some people, who start relationships with unrealistic expectations, begin to cheat because they thought that a happy relationship meant that they were 100% happy 100% of the time. News flash: that’s not how life works. You can still have a good, healthy relationship even if you aren’t happy every second.

You cheat because you suck at prioritizing

They put sexual pleasure before loyalty, kindness, and hard work. Consider what really matters most to you. If happiness is really a priority, then selfish choices will begin to disappear.

Dear cheat, you are not perfect

They cheat because they think their current partner isn’t good enough. But if they just looked in the mirror, they might realize that they have plenty of problems themselves. If you want to be happy with yourself, start fixing some of your mistakes.

You are cheating yourself

Everyone wants a happy, healthy relationship– and you’re never going to get that with your hidden romances. You deserve better, so stop cheating yourself out of happiness.

You become paranoid and that can drive you crazy

You’re paranoid that your partner will find out about you. And since you know how easy it is to cheat, you’ll forever be paranoid that you’re being cheated on. The constant pretending is frustrating. You’ll be a lot happier without that baggage.

Are you going to stop now? I really want to know.

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