80 Environmental Sanitation Offenders Convicted in Anambra


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The Anambra Government says it has convicted no fewer than 80 persons for violating the monthly environmental sanitation exercise in the state.

Dr Emmanuel Okafor, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, said in a statement he signed that the offenders were handed down penalties ranging from fine to community service.

He said the existing three Mobile Courts presided over by Magistrates would be increased to nine for subsequent exercises and warned residents of the state not to run afoul of the law.

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Okafor said nobody was expected to be on the streets between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on every last Saturday of the month but were rather expected to remain in their homes and clean their surroundings.

The permanent secretary said people should not use the period to engage in outdoor exercises as those caught would be tried according to law.

“The ministry wishes to thank the public for their compliance so far during the end of month sanitation exercises in the state.

“We remind residents of Anambra that the Ministry of Environment has intensified actions to enforce and monitor the environmental sanitation exercises by engaging the services of magistrates who are to try offenders.

“So far, about 80 persons were convicted and given various fines and community services to do within the state.

“The ministry, therefore, warns that henceforth, anybody caught engaging in other activities other than the compulsory last Saturday sanitation from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. will be apprehended by law enforcement agencies and tried,’’ he said.

The permanent secretary thanked Gov. Willie Obiano for providing the needed support for a cleaner and healthier Anambra.

He warned residents to be wary of fumigators claiming to have been authorized by the state government, adding that nobody has been authorized to do so.

“The Ministry of Environment has not authorized anybody to fumigate any premises, those going about are doing so illegally and no money should be paid to them, people demanding money for fumigation should be reported,’’ he said.


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