9th Assembly Speaker; Gbajabiamila, Wase an ideal combination – By Abba Dukawa


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In spite of All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2015 on the leadership position of the party before the inauguration of the Eighth Assembly where the party zoning of the principal positions and selection of Speaker of the House and Senate President but in clear defiance of party directives that the position had been zoned to the South-West and North-East, the rebel APC legislatives members with the support of the opposition PDP members in the both two chambers of National Assembly played itself out with the emergence of Hon. Yakubu Dogara as speaker and Senator Saraki as Senate President. Nevertheless, the contest was tough and even bitterly fought with all manner of recrimination and rancor from opposing camps after what the renegade APC members did.

In every democratic dispensation, the leadership of the   legislature should be entrusted on the shoulders of the persons who has possess the much needed qualities of moving the legislative body forward.  So with nation’s  green chamber having 360 members it’s expected to be led by a person with considerable legislative experience and expertise who can be able to preside over its affairs and also whether the storms at any given time.

As 9th National Assembly about to usher and the position of speakership is the one that attracted much interests the mind of Nigerians., in June this year Nigerians await the emergence of a Speaker and deputy speaker that will not only fit the Number 4 Citizen’s seat, but also someone that would make the Green Chamber a melting pot where the much-needed laws that would make life better for the citizens through good governance are enacted, speedily so. Majority of Nigerians would also want to see a Speaker that will ensure a harmonious relationship between the Legislative and the Executive relation capable of bringing about the most needed people-centered dividend of democracy in Nigeria.

Lawmakers across the country are currently preoccupied with the sharing formula for key positions in the 9thNational assembly. Thus  Returnee Senators, Senators –elect , Returnee and Members-Elect of the House of Representatives from the Six geopolitical zones are lobbying for who becomes the President of the Senate, or Deputy Senate President , as well as who becomes the Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. Majority of Nigerians would also want to see a Speaker that will ensure a harmonious relationship between the Legislative and the Executive relation capable of bringing about the most needed people-centered dividend of democracy in Nigeria.

outgoing 8th Senate and House of Representatives, the National Assembly leadership was hijacked by reneged APC members and their opposition PDP collaborators in the National Assembly where the members in the National Assembly played itself out with the emergence of Hon. Yakubu Dogara as speaker and Senator Saraki as Senate President.   As the APC zoning position of speakership to the South –West and Deputy Speaker to North – Central it will steer clear of what had happened in 2015 National Assembly leadership crisis despite APC’s overwhelming majority in the outgoing 8th Assembly.

To douse the attention who will become a speaker and deputy from the two geopolitical zones, the two great minds a like form a good combination aimed at moving 9th Assembly and the country to greater heights it’s really an ideal leadership arrangement between House Leader Femi Gbajabiamila as Speaker and the Deputy Leader Ahmed Idris Wase to slog in together as a Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

Duo has possessed the needed credentials and long years of legislative experience to be Speaker and the deputy, political analyst believe this would count in the business of representative democracy. 8th National Assembly Leader had been in the green chamber since 2003, while Wase had been there since 2007, their long years of experience in the house will gave them advantage over other lawmakers eyeing the position..

Gbajabiamila is majority House leader and Hon Idris Wase is Deputy House Leader both has been proactive in ensuring the speedy passage of many executive bills and  there  is no doubt that Femi Gbajabiamila and Idris Wase have the required pedigree and cognate legislative expertise and experience to lead the 9th House of Representatives in a manner that will engender rapid socio-economic and political development of the country which is the desire of all well-meaning Nigerians, friends as well as those who wish Nigeria well.

Nigeria and Nigerians have suffered enough of divisive politics as such it is time to allow the nation to benefit from the Gbajabiamila/Wase agenda to change the current narrative about unemployment, rising insecurity, and engender good governance for the teeming citizens of Nigeria, through robust legislation.  Already, there’s upsurge of evidence that what is uppermost in the minds of Gbajabiamila and Wase are to setting up of a vibrant Legislative Agenda that will focus mainly on addressing some key issues that hinder national development, rising spate of insecurity, the proposed Legislative Agenda will outline the step-by-step efforts to be made by the relevant standing committees of the House to solve lingering problems militating against socio economic wellbeing of the country.

 Both speaker and deputy speaker aspirant has shown over the years to possessing the priceless acumen needed to take up this task.  Indeed whether in the private or public sector, it will not be out of place to say that majority leader and deputy has indeed paid they dues. They are  always protecting masses and they the party’s interest, they played a pivotal role in protecting the interest of the APC, positioning it as a strong force, especially in the eight assemblies where the party suffered internal crisis that led to gales of defection.

If the hypothesis is anything to go by, Femi Gbajabiamila and Ahmad Idris Wase are the ideal combination can be entrusted with such a challenging responsibilities of becoming the speaker and the deputy speaker of the federal House of Representatives, considering the fact that the nation democratic system is in dire needs of reforms that will have the far reaching positive impact on the lives of Nigerians. Looking at they marvelous score card as a legislator and both are widely acknowledged as a politicians’ worth of they onion in the quest for making the nascent democratic system ticking.

Coming together of the Gbajabiamila and Wase groups was not without a price as those opposed to it are hatching and spreading all manner of negative propaganda to frustrate the pending success of the new group. On the front banner of the propaganda is the laughable argument. This argument is not new in Nigeria’s political sojourn, but worrisome is the motive and intent of such cheap argument as well as its divisive nature which remains a major impediment and albatross to the unity and progress of the country. Lest we forget, Nigeria operates a secular political system and examples abound where members of same faith at one time or another led our national institutions.

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