9th assembly: Time for people’s speaker – By Abba Dukawa

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As we count down to the proclamation of the 9th National Assembly on 11 June, 2019, there is heightened  suspense on who, among the contending gladiators, would emerge as the presiding officers of the House of Representatives.

Primary interest in this piece is, on the green chamber which is seen as the heartbeat of the National Assembly, considering the wider diversity of the Federal Constituencies and the relatively younger population of House members compared to the Senate.

The vibrancy and constructiveness of its membership has earned the House of Representatives the sobriquet: House of Nigerian people. The House is indeed truly representative of the Nigerians  by virtue of its composition and reach. Whoever seeks to lead the House must be a leader whose profile and character resonate well with the vast majority of the members.

Given the previous history of fractiousness, recriminations and mistrust associated with successive leaderships in the House, whoever that would be elected as the Speaker must be someone who commands the acceptance of a wider spectrum of the members across parties line and  must be a person with vision toward   a nation building.

Its crucial for both returnees and members elect in the 9th assembly  to ensure  vote an experience legislator that will ensure smooth and timely passage of budgets, executive bills and other bills that will ensure better life for Nigerians, adequate security of lives and properties of Nigerians. Nigerians don’t  want to see the National Assembly constantly  at war with executive arms of government.

Nigerians expectations on their representatives  is to leave to their  expectations  by making laws that that will enhance their  respective constituents peoples life which will bring them a sustainable development not an assembly that  fight  with executive arm.
Even the executive arm of government want to have a  he mutual working relationship with the 9th National Assembly as  such  relationship would smoothen governance and particularly improve the budgetary process in the country. Such mutual working needed in line with next level agenda of present administration to  return the budgetary process to the January-December fiscal cycle against  now runs a near June budget cycle, owing to delays often caused by executive-legislature bickering.

Nigerians wants to have an assembly that  would strengthen existence anti corruption laws  by amends,  or passing a laws that will building strong anti corruption law that cannot be manipulated by personalities in line  with present administration crusade  against corruption to the next level agenda.

The newly elected lawmakers are fully aware of what happened in the 8th assembly which slowed the implementation of various federal government’s projects and policies. To avoid the reoccurring of this unpleasant relationship between executive and legislative  the upcoming 9th Assembly need its speaker to be someone with  enough legislative experience to steer the affairs of the House .

It has become imperative members of the House of Representatives too look for a candidate who  his candidacy  is not about  himself but about sanitanizing nation’s  democracy a speaker who will strengthening our democracy in line with global best practices. In the upcoming assembly we want to have a  People’s speaker that will  do  People’s business and champion electorate cause and  fulfills their hopes and aspiration of Nigerians.

We called on returnees and members elect in respect of party affiliation to do the needful by side with
NATION BUILDING JOINT TASKS  PROJECT. This project is nothing about aspirants self centre interest is about the well being of Nigerians whereas  all-inclusive chamber  will accommodate all shade of opinions.  Femi Gbajabiamila   and Ahmad Idris Wase   promised opposition parties serving and newly elected lawmakers to be inclusive as  the project really need them.  To prove they readiness to  run inclusive for the 9th National Assembly  JOINT TASKS  campaign logo embodies the logos of all political parties represented in the House (9th Assembly).  In view of the foregoing development already both returnees and newly elected members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and other political parties in the House  him.

Hon Femi Gbajabiamila  as a speaker of  the House of Representatives, the house will have a peace devoid of any rencour because he   has enough legislative experience to steer the affairs of the House and also   enjoys the support of the legislators in respect of parties line  because he is committed to lead the house to provide best-in-class solutions to critical issues affecting our country and to drive a solid plan of action for the achievement of both quick wins and longer term objectives of the 9th assembly.

Kawu & Sharada wrote in from Abuja

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