A Final Warning From The Living God – By Femi Fani-Kayode

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You committed mass murder, slaughtered the faithful, indulged in genocide and supported ethnic cleansing.

You impoverished my people, sacrificed young Leah Sharibu, locked up your enemies and tormenented the innocent.

You persecuted my Church, bullied the weak, stole from the poor, destroyed the young and decimated the old.

You shattered the upright, poured scorn on the righteous, despised my word and showed no mercy to the fatherless.

You punished the widows, mocked the orphans, despised the weak and enslaved the poor.

You destroyed the righteous, touched my annointed, dishonored my servants, ignored my word and did my Prophets harm.

You did all this and more in spite of my righteous anger and my holy word. I sent many to warn you but but you hardened your heart and would not listen.

Many shed tears on account of your bestial wickedness and unrelenting brutality yet you showed them no mercy. You humiliated them before the world, you threw them into dungeons and you refused to release them.

President Muhammadu Buhari

They prayed to me and called on my name. I heard their cry, I afflicted you with a strange disease and I sent you abroad for 104 days. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen.

I touched your tongue and caused you to speak gibberish and nonsense before the world. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen. I made you collapse in your political rallies. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen.

I took away your health, twisted your mind and blighted your body, spirit and soul. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen. I ridiculed you before your people and made you dance naked in the market place. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen.

I made your Vice betray his faith, desecrate his profession, forsake his calling and abandon his people and I caused him to suffer many secret misfortunes and have two helicopter crashes in the space of 7 months. Yet you hardened your heart and would not listen.

I warned you and sent you all these signals and signs because I am a God of love and a God of mercy. Yet you continued to dare and despise me and you hardened your heart and would not listen.

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Now hear this: if you do not desist from your wicked ways and if you do not stop troubling my people and persecuting my children worst will come.

If you do not let my people go and free them from the cruel bondage of your vicious tyranny you will feel my full wrath and taste of my awesome power. I am the Lord: I give life and I kill. None can stand against me. Ask Pharaoh, Nebudchadnezzar, Herod and Sennacherub and consider their end.

In the next few weeks and months I will show you more of my signs and wonders. Only this time around it will not just be a warning.

If you do not abandon your evil ways and if you do not desist from doing that which you are planning to do during and after the election, my judgement will be utterly devastating and it will be final and irrevocable.

I give life and I kill. I am a God of vengeance. I hold the world together by the power of my word. I bring Kings to their knees and I shatter the foundations of tyrants.

I am the Lord of the universe, the God of all flesh. I am the creator of all that is and all that is to come: nothing is hidden from me, none can stand against me and none can resist me in battle.

Fani-Kayode is a former Minister of Aviation

– The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer and do not represent the editorial policy of The Herald


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