Abandoned Chinese boy finds new home in America


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This is the story of Jiajia a boy who was abandoned by his parents when we was born. The newborn had spina bifida, a spinal birth defect. His surgery would have cost the average Chinese worker up to two years salary. The world’s second largest economy, with a population of 1.3 billion, still lacks an adequate social safety net despite its massive wealth. Many parents whose children are born with a disability simply can’t afford medical care.

For years Jiajia watched other kids at the orphanage being adopted and he always cried himself to sleep knowing that he might soon get to the age he can no longer be given out, 14 years old.

Luck shined on him when an American family took interest in him. Now Jiajia after the paper work for his adoption is completed will have a new family he could belong to in America.

The new family that he has were to pay $36000 in adoption fees, they could not raise this alone as they asked the church for help but after all the donation poured in it was still not enough. CNN aired the story after which donations began to pour in from all parts of the world and within hours they got $50000.
Jiajia and his new family are over-whelmed and happy. The orphanage will sure miss him as he goes home with his new family.

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