#AbuleEgbaKylieJenner : Nigerians drag Toke Makinwa mercilessly on Twitter


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Media Personality Toke Makinwa has been dragged mercilessly on the rough streets of Twitter yet again!

The drama began when Toke issued a piece of unsolicited advice to “Keypad warriors” asking them to ensure their next meal is guaranteed before celebrating their savagery on social media.

Toke tweeted:

“Funny how you keypad warriors actually think you count in the scheme of things nahhh mehnnnn before you congratulate yourself make sure your next meal is guaranteed if not you in the wrong profession son, get busy with ya life

However, the OAP’s tweet angered many online users who accused her of poverty-shaming people.

Nigeria-born UK based Doctor, Dr. Olufunmilayo replied Toke Makinwa calling her the Abule Egba version of famous American star, Kylie Jenner amid a barrage of questions.

Following the Doctor’s tweet, Nigerians jumped on the hashtag #AbuleEgbaKylieJenner to ridicule the media personality

“So IF a person’s next meal is not guaranteed, then the person has no right to demand for a better country?

“Your skin is too bright for your brain to be this dark. Abule Egba Kylie Jenner.

“Now let’s see who will cry after this.”

See reactions from other Twitter users


Keypad warriors that helped you drag your husband when he got the side chick pregnant I think you forgot to bleach your brain, sanctimonious cunt


“These celebrities don’t want to learn. But they will learn the hard way. You can NOT broke-shame Nigerians. You can NOT poverty-shame people on twitter. It will NEVER be allowed here. This silly retarded thinking that it is okay to mock a person for being poor must be stopped.

Politicians disregard ordinary Nigerians because they are poor and powerless. Celebrities also want to mock and disrespect people on twitter because we use our voices to condemn their stupidity and lawlessness. No, dear. Not on twitter. Not on my watch. It will never happen.”


Somebody said bleaching her skin doesn’t mean she’s enlightened Face with tears of joy



Whatever you do now, please don’t get dragged on social media, especially twitter because everybody is at home with their phone now. They will retweet your shame till your future parent-in-law sees it.


Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Toke just fall my hand
People should stop giving attention to this #AbuleEgbaKylieJenner who exchanged her sense for plastic butt implant.
After all the nominations I declare aunty Toke Makinwa as the winner of no brain challenge…

Someone who’s only relevance is based on bleaching her skin to keep a man, going under the knife to get Kim K booty, & f*cking pot belly old man (People’s father) just to have luxurious lifestyle still get mind to come talk rubbish

have some shame



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