AC Milan President responds to Bankruptcy Claims


AC Milan’s president has called fake news claims that the club is bankrupt

In a statement in the club’s official website, he declared that some media have irresponsibly reported fake news that has damaged the club and his family.

The statement read in part; “Following these irresponsible news reports, I would like to calm down the environment the club and team” Li wrote.

“We do not understand the purpose of this allegations. But they have now reached the point where the club is severely damaged by them so are my companies and family.

“I want therefore to take the opportunity to explain and hoping this will be the last time the situation concerning my assets is safe and sound both companies are steadily working.

“I therefore hope that no credit was given to the latest news that isn’t true so attentions can be focused on what we all care about as in the management in the improvement of the team, we will give all the support to the coach Rino Gattuso he needs to take the club back to the level he belonged”

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