EL-Rufai the Butt-Licking Accidental Governor, Poison Packed Toothpaste

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Shehu Sani lambasts El-Rufai, calling him “a butt-licking accidental governor with no civil service experience’.

Shehu Sani, former Senator of Kaduna Central has been known to never hide his grudge against the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, his sworn enemy.

Earlier this week, the Senator had called the governor a coward for enrolling his son, who Sani considered a sacrificial lamb, in a public school.

He described the act as clownish, comical and deceptive, a political stunt targeted towards the 2023 elections.

Former Senator Shehu Sani, in a statement signed by him has alleged that Governor El-Rufai was angry that his name was omitted from the list of officials representing the country with the President at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

According to him, El-Rufai is “a patented traitor and leech on the throne of power.”

He went ahead to describe the governor as “A boot licking, butt licking Accidental Governor with no civil service experience other than subservience to any person in power.

“A rabidly ambitious pigmy with speciality.

“A patented traitor and leech on the throne of power.

“A certified religious bigot and attested ethnic irredentist; a poison in the pack of a toothpaste.

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“A little Hitler, a fake progressive with a honour as minute as his height

“Elrufai is angry the villa dropped his name from UNGA in New York.


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