ACHILLES HEEL: Davido On a Self-Destructive Ride



Right from biblical times, every great man has always had a weakness. Samson fell in the laps of a woman, Moses’ anger led to him not seeing the promised land and Judas love for money led to him betraying Jesus.

 In recent times we’ve seen men and women lose their jobs, tarnish their career and hit rock bottom because of a single weakness they could not control.


Recently Nigerian pop star, pioneer of the 30 billion gang and owner of DMW, David Adeleke, popularly called Davido, has been arrested in Dubai. The pop star who has been in Dubai over the past couple of weeks for the Dubai Africa Music Fest.


According to reports Davido was approached by Michael ’Dreamchaser’ Abel, a recording artist, and the younger brother of Abu Abel, the CEO of Obimzy Records in Dubai in an elevator at a building in Dubai Financial District. Not too long after the two came in contact Dreamchaser was seen with blood oozing from his head. Apparently, Davido had broken a bottle on his head.


This is not the first time the music star is getting into trouble. If these acts are not performed by him personally, it’s done by one of his team members. Last year during his December concert, Davido was accused of slapping kizz Daniels manager backstage.

The star who was supposed to perform his hit single at the moment, ”one ticket”, left the concert without performing. Although Davido tweeted that he didn’t do as accused, several people were of the opinion that he did.


After a concert in Ibadan on the 21st of July 2018, Adekanmbi Damilola, CEO of the online entertainment news platform NoStoryTV, was assaulted by David’s private security.

The journalist said he approached Davido’s security guard to request an interview with the musician and the guard told Damilola that cameras, which Damilola had with him, were not allowed inside. Damilola said he dropped off the camera and returned to request access again. The bouncer then punched him.

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These and several other reports have been made about the star but he keeps getting away with every allegation made against him. Like other great men who have fallen, it only takes just one act to bring a man down. It’s obvious that he has anger issues, if not curtailed, it might land him in serious trouble.

Sources tell The Herald, that President Muhammad Buhari may be called on to intervene by David’s numerous influential godfathers, which include Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. But how long can he depend on their help?

If he continues this way his fall from grace to grass would be catastrophic. Davido is set to release his much-anticipated album “A good time” on the 22nd of November. Hope this incident doesn’t affect its reception.





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