Actress, Iretiola Doyle’s Marriage Allegedly Crashes


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Tinsel star, Iretiola Doyle who some days ago revealed that her mother and other family members did not support her early pregnancy which came at the age of 17 has allegedly parted ways with her man, Patrick Doyle.

According to report, the star actress’ marriage has allegedly hit the rocks as sources confirm that the couple are no longer cohabiting.

The mother of four was reported to have moved out of her husband’s home and into her apartment at Anthony Village in Lagos over unknown issues.

Iretiola Doyle who reportedly moved away from her husband and children said when asked why she no longer appears at events with her man: “We are both busy people and you find that, in any one given weekend, we’ve both been invited to three or four different events where all three or four people are expecting to see us so we play it smart, we share it; if you’ve seen one you’ve seen the other.”

However, Playgroundng reported that “it is unclear why their marriage hit the rocks but the duo peacefully separated and remain friends.”

Recall that the couple got married after the actor lost his first wife to sickle cell anaemia in 1999.

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