Actress Ruby Ojiakor Denies Rumors of Affair with Late Junior Pope

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Nigerian actress Ruby Ojiakor has finally addressed rumors that she was in an extramarital relationship with the late actor Junior Pope. In a video message shared on her Instagram page, Ruby insisted that Junior Pope was never her boyfriend, debunking claims that he was the father of her child, Royalty.

Ruby described Junior Pope as her “big brother” and a friend, but not an intimate partner. She expressed frustration at the rumors and speculation surrounding their relationship.

This comes after Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer, unfollowed Ruby on Instagram shortly after his burial, fueling the rumors. Ruby’s statement aims to set the record straight and honor her friend’s memory without the distraction of unfounded rumors.

Junior Pope passed away in a boat accident while on set, and Ruby had used her platform to demand justice for him. Her dedication to seeking truth and her friendship with the late actor have been misinterpreted by some as evidence of a romantic relationship.

Ruby’s clarification puts the focus back on her friendship and respect for Junior Pope, and her commitment to seeking justice for him.

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