Afghan Couple Stoned To Death For Adultery


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An Afghan couple accused of adultery has been stoned to death on the orders of a Taliban court in northern Afghanistan.

According to Head of Media Relations of the Governor’s Office in the northern province of Sar-i-Pol, Hamid Elmi, who spoke on Sunday, “A couple was found guilty of adultery charges during a Taliban court hearing in Qalai Sorkh area of Sozma Qala district.”

He stated that government could not do anything to alter the couple’s fate because Sozma Qala was a volatile district of the Taliban-controlled province.

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that Taliban extremists practice public executions as part of their legal system in the districts where they have wrested control from the central government.

Two weeks ago, a young boy and girl were publicly punished for adultery charges in central province of Ghor.

The couple was sad to have received 100 lashes each by order of a local court after they were found guilty of having illegal contact with each another.




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