Afghan Woman Stoned To Death For Eloping With Man Against Parents’ Wish


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A young woman in Afghanistan has been stoned to death over allegations of adultery, reports said Tuesday.

The lady identified as Rokhsahana, said to be between the age of 19 and 21, reportedly eloped with a man against her parents’ wish, after they married her off to a man she apparently did not like. This was said to be an equivalent of committing adultery in the area.

A short video that surfaced on the internet and generated anger among the online community appeared to show a woman in a hole in the ground surrounded by turbaned elders who viciously hurled stones at her as she cried.

According to AFP, the video of the vicious killing was shot a week ago in a Taliban-controlled area of Ghor province.

Rokhsahana was said to be reciting the shahada, the Muslim profession of faith even as the stones landing on her with stop.

The man with whom she eloped was said to have been given some lashes and freed, even as she paid the supreme price.


Photo credit: AFP

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