Africa Moving Towards the Elimination of Malaria – WHO


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The World Health Organization’s annual malaria report has showed that the number of people killed by malaria dropped below half a million in the past year.

WHO indicates that the deaths fell to 438,000 in 2015 – down dramatically from 839,000 in 2000 showing a significant increase in the number of countries moving towards the elimination of malaria.

The report said malaria prevention measures – such as bednets and indoor and outdoor spraying – have averted millions of deaths and saved millions of dollars in healthcare costs over the past 14 years in many African countries.

Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director general said “In sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of the population is now sleeping under insecticide-treated mosquito nets, compared to just 2 percent in 2000.
“A rapid expansion in diagnostic testing, and in the availability of antimalarial medicines, has allowed many more people to access timely and appropriate treatment.”

Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo, accounted for more than 35 percent of global malaria deaths in 2015.

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