Africa Rise and Shine: Jim Ovia Is What Africa Needs- David Applefield


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David Applefield, a seasoned communications specialist and former Commercial Special Representative for Financial Times, recently gave a thorough review of the business book, Africa Rise and Shine by Jim Ovia.

Whilst the Author largely portrayed the book as an instrument to changing the narrative and perception of Africa, Applefield further emphasizes the sheer willpower to thrive, inherent in any determined entrepreneur and in Africa as a continent. According to him, Mr. Ovia shadows the history of his nation, to “never allow the perceptions of others play a substantial part in your own vision of yourself and your future.”

He added that, “Jim Ovia and his Zenith Bank are precisely what both Nigeria and African economies need to build and re-brand their own identity. Jim Ovia stands for the best of Nigeria, and a continent that has risen and is increasingly improvising its shine.” In Applefield’s own words, Africa Rise and Shine is wisdom for young entrepreneurs everywhere.

Have you gotten your copy? You can pre-order online at Amazon and in-store at Laterna Books and Roving Heights.

Read full review here.

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