African Americans react to racist attack of Nigerians in India

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Some days ago, there was a report of an attack on Africans, especially Nigerians living in India after an Indian teenager was reported to have died of an apparent drug overdose.

Indians living in the area were reported to have pointed accusing fingers at five Nigerians who were arrested and subsequently released by the Indian police as they could gather no evidence to connect the arrested Nigerians to the drug overdose case.

Following the release, Indians numbering about 300 were reported to have attacked Nigerians in Delhi, burning cars and other properties after a candle light service was conducted for the deceased teen.

A Nigerian student was reported to have been attacked by a mob along with his brother while they were shopping at a mall in Delhi.

In reaction to the attack, African Americans on social media took to their pages to express their varying opinion with many making sexual jokes in relation to the attack on the Nigerian student.

One of the social media users wrote: “They mad cuz them Africans is out there fuckin the shit out of they women”

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