African Man Loses Wife In Champion’s League Bet Against Madrid

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A Zimbabwean man has been thrown into confusion after he lost a football bet in which he staked his wife.

The man, reported to have been battling with a gambling addiction staked his wife for Juventus against Real Madrid in the Champion’s League Final match played some days ago. reports that Charles Jambaya, 26, from Mkandapi village did the unthinkable on the 3rd of June when he pledged his wife Caroline Shumba, 22, to another man over the Juventus, real Madrid match.

Jambaya and his fellow gambler, Eugene Gumbo, 30, were reported to have had a verbal agreement that if Real Madrid would beat Juventus in the UEFA Champion’s League final he would give him his wife, while the later told the former that if Juventus triumphed he would give him $500.

Following the final whistle with the score line of 4-1 in favour of Real Madrid FC, hell broke loose as Eugene demanded his prize after the match with Jambaya retorting that he should go and collect Caroline at his house.

Eugene was reported to have proceeded to Jambaya’s home where he narrated the conditions of his bet with her man to Caroline leaving her puzzled and perplexed.

Caroline was reported to have fled and sought refuge at her aunt’s house and the matter referred to Chief Mazivisa’s traditional court.

Appearing before Chief Mazivisa’s traditional court yesterday, Jambaya and Eugene told the court that they were not in their pure state of mind since they were drunk.

They said: “The chief and all the elders here present, the taboo took place but we were drunk hence we were not in our pure state of mind, explained Jambaya and Eugene in rapid succession.”

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