Airplane About To Take Off Bursts Into Flames At JFK Airport

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A plane reportedly caught fire as it was about to take off from the JFK Airport.

The Argentina Airlines plane went up in flames as the engine caught fire with a loud bang.

Fire crews however rushed to the scene of the incident after the pilot of the aircraft, which was headed for Buenos Aires on Thursday night, called it in.

Officials of the airline however reported that no one was injured in the fire incident which occurred at about 11:00pm.

A social media user, Alice Zhang tweeted pictures of the incident on her social media page as she wrote: “Yeah so I’m on the runway about to take off and another plane just landed next to us and IT WAS ON F*****G FIRE LIKE LITERAL FIRE.”

She added: “That’s just what I wanna see before takeoff well it’s been nice knowing you all.”

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