Aisha Buhari Gets Bashed For Demanding Better Hospitals Despite Dubai Medical Trip


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First Lady Aisha Buhari has become the target of critics for demanding better healthcare services in Nigeria despite embarking on a medical trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Herald reported that Aisha Buhari returned from the trip on Saturday.

It was gathered that she embarked on the trip to treat severe neck pain.

In an Instagram post announcing her return, she thanked Nigerians for their prayers during her medical trip to the Middle Eastern nation.

She added, “I recall hosting the private healthcare providers earlier in the year and we had a very productive engagement where the issue of building the capacity of Nigeria health sector was the major focus, and funding was discovered to be the major challenge.

“I therefore call on the healthcare providers to take the advantage of the Federal Government’s initiative through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) guidelines for the operation of NGN100 Billion Credit Support for the Healthcare Sector as was released recently contained in a circular dated March 25, 2020, to the Commercial Banks.

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“This will no doubt help in building and expanding the capacity of the Nigerian health sector and ultimately reduce medical trips and tourism outside the Country.”

However, many Nigerians took to Twitter to criticise Aisha Buhari, saying she demonstrated lack of faith in the healthcare system of a nation presided over by her husband.

Mosh Aloaye, wrote, “This is so sad. Now she left Nigeria amidst the international travel restrictions with Nigerian jet for medical tourism paid with taxpayers money and came back to say Nigerians should fix our health sector. I feel very insulted.”

Goddy wrote, “And this is the wife of the president. What reforms does the Aso Rock clinic require for it to function?

“Someone was posting beautiful pictures of a hospital in Abuja the other day and praising Buhari for a world-class hospital. Yet Aisha has to fly abroad for treatment!”

Ijoma Peter Obi wrote, “After 8years in government. Aisha Buhari will be known as the most selfish first lady Nigeria has ever produced.

“She will never speak when they talk about rape, Southern Kaduna killings, insecurity, corruption but once she needs something for herself then you will hear her voice.”

Grace wrote, “Imagine running a country and still calling for better health facilities that you refused to provide. Is she saying that we Nigerians should build hospitals that her husband refused to build or what exactly? Nigerians used to have shame, what has happened to us?”

Efe Camilus wrote, “If Buhari did not win in 2015, the Buharideans would say we missed the path to destiny.

“Where are the hospitals he promised to build?”

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