Listen To Aisha Buhari’s Audio Clip Criticizing Buhari’s Government


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The first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari has openly criticized her husband, Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

The first lady made this known in an interview with BBC in which she threatened to withdraw support from her husband should he fail to heed advice.

Aisha Buhari further maintained that Buhari’s government has been seized by a ‘few people’ who have put themselves in position of power and are responsible for appointments into political offices.

She noted that Buhari does not know a vast majority of his political appointees who were not there when his team along with her were fighting his battle into the presidency.

Listen to audio clip below:

She said: “After receiving complains and complains, I decided to tell him (President Buhari). But, all the same, a lot of People are coming on their own and also collectively to tell him that things are not going the way it should. Most of these people occupying some agencies, No 1: Nobody knows them. No 2: They don’t know our party manifesto, they don’t know what we campaigned for. They were not part of us completely.

“They don’t a mission or vision of our APC. I have my own right to say how I feel about something. If it continues like this, I will not be part of any movement again.

“I need to work with the people that we have started the Journey collectively as a teamwork. So that he would leave a legacy.”

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