Akpabio the Generous – Doles Out N1 Million Each to Six People to buy “Mr Biggs’


Godswill Akpabio is unarguably one of the most generous Nigerian politicians you will ever meet if you want your story to change.

At least six PDP chairmen from the South-South can testify to the generous nature of the former Akwa-Ibom state Governor who doles out money because he has it and can spend it.

Akpabio is apparently a big believer in the stomach infrastructure policy being preached by Fayose after spending 6 whooping million Naira to provide lunch for his political associates. Did I hear someone say politics is dirty? How can something so dirty be so rewarding?

Akpabio gave out N1 million each for ‘Mr Biggs’ to the six chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the South-South geopolitical zone who had converged on Port Harcourt for a party reconciliation session.

Even former Governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan was impressed by the generousity of the South-South politician who was governor of one of the richest states in the country for 8 years and is now a serving senator; a choice retirement arena for expired governors.

Mr. Uduaghan appreciated Akapbio’s gesture because according to him, even if all the roads in the country were tarred, party members would not fail to appreciate when food is provided on their tables.

At least now we know that apart from plundering the country, Nigerian Politicians also eat incredibly large meals at a sitting.

Mr Uduaghan had also advised other party stalwarts to be like Akpabio because apparently he understands the way to a politician’s heart, Mr. Biggs.

He told them to emulate Akpabio and provide food for their followers and supporters so that they wouldn’t stray to other parties in search of food or Mr. Biggs as it is.

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One then begins to wonder if the All Progressives Congress (APC) can take a cue from this. Their party members who defected to the PDP must have gone in search of food too as the APC was probably selective in the provision of Mr. Biggs allowances.

It however appears that they have realized the errors of their ways and decided to make amends.

If the current drama on the grounds of the House of Assembly is anything to go by; the APC has contracted Akpabio to provide Mr. Biggs allowances to its members so that they can stop defecting to other parties.

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