Alexx Ekubo Gifts Fan N30k For Blasting A Troll On His Behalf


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Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo has gifted a fan N30k for standing up for him against a troll who attacked his post on Instagram.

He attached a screenshot of a conversation between two fans in his comment section.

The comments were held under a post he had made sometime ago while promoting a real estate company on Instagram.

Alexx said he decided to go through comments on the post and was shocked to see a business page trying to bring down another business he was promoting.

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@Jemjem_Couture, a business page said there was “nothing so special about the house” Alexx Ekubo was trying to promote for a real estate company.

@Zayne_Ryker on seeing the comment, replied: “na your own come good? A business page saying [to] another business is not special”.

Alexx Ekubo reacting to the comment wrote: “I stumbled on this comment on my post yesterday about @elitecastleltd homes.
I can’t say this enough I always like to spread positivity, I find it attractive when pple do. We as a people must always try to build up & not tear down. If you don’t have anything positive to say about something or someone pls humbly I beg you to shutup & look the other way. I see negative comments on various pages & it irks my spirit & saddens my heart. Pls let’s do better.
Anyway long story short @zayne_ryker 30k for you from the “not so special house”

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