Ali Baba: My Respect For Femi Ogedengbe Is Unquantifiable


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Coming after his confession of working as a security guard in the United States because of financial constraints, actor Femi Ogedenbge has caught the attention of popular comedian Ali Baba, who says his respect for the actor is unquantifiable.

According to Ali Baba, the actor earned his respect for setting aside his ego to achieve greatness in life.

“First off, let me say, my respect for this guy can’t be measured right now,” said the comedian on his Instagram page.

“He has blown me away with his handling of the realities in his life. Some people know how to get through life, while others let life get to them. This is a man who put his ego and fame to the back, and faced reality. To make a better life for his family and himself. He did not believe the hype. You see, that is exactly the kind of society we are in. Someone who is doing an honest job is vilified and castigated. Even mocked. Just to drive traffic.

“Then those who are involved in Yahoo Yahoo, kidnapping, 419, looting and taking loans from banks and refusing to pay back are celebrated. Think about it. Would we really have been happier if he was famous and his kids couldn’t feed? Or was thrown out of his apartment because he couldn’t pay rent? Would we have been ok seeing him jump Okada and keke napep? We like to see people who are famous looking rich.

“Doesn’t matter how they do it. That’s pressure. Major pressure. That’s why people are forced to steal, turn to prostitution, carry drugs, go into politics and Rob the country blind… because our yardstick for measuring success is flawed to the floor. We only respect thieves. The undergraduate who works at a car wash during holidays is a loser. The one that decides to work as a bartender or fuel pump attendant is a waste.”


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