Alleged Murderer Who Stayed Friends with Victim’s Family Arrested


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A Brooklyn man has finally been arrested for a murder he committed 27 years ago, but even more worrying was the fact that he kept up a friendly relationship with the family of the person he murdered.

Calvin Grant, 52, was arrested for the murder of Stacy Lynnette Joyner last week, with reports indicating that he only escaped jail for so long because the police did a poor job with the initial investigation.

It wasn’t until after Brooklyn prosecutors realised that no one ever performed DNA tests on swabs taken from the victim’s mouth that a real lead was found.

This led to a lot of controversy with people questioning the police’s method of investigation.

“He’s a monster,” Miles Joyner, nephew of the victim said.

“He just took my aunt and he’s walking around smiling in my face.”

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“This case is crazy, it’s like in the movies. The killer has been living right here the whole time. He’s walking around among us, smiling at us,” he said.

The mother of the victim was distraught as she explained that because it wasn’t a high-profile case, no one really cared about the outcome.

“Nobody cared. It was not a high profile case. Like it was just swept under the rug. He was right there the whole time,”

“I can’t believe they didn’t test those swabs. Everybody suspected him. Everybody said check him. How did they not check? It was just like they didn’t really care” she said.

The alleged murderer was nailed after police found that the swabs taken from the victim’s mouth matched Grant’s DNA which was taken after a robbery conviction in 2000.

It was quite unfortunate as Grant acted as though nothing was wrong, even asking to borrow cash from the victim’s family a couple of days before he was arrested.

“Just two days ago he asked my grandson for money,” said the victim’s mother.

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