Always Tired? Here’s Why (And How You Can Avoid It)


It is extremely common for persons to feel tired regularly. Most of us can’t fight it – feeling sleepy or absolutely fatigued.

You’re about to get productive with certain activities and you suddenly feel very tired or sleepy and you’re thinking “what is wrong with me?”.

Feelings of fatigue can be caused by several things but studies have shown that lifestyle plays a major role. What you do, what you eat, how you live, can all affect how your body reacts.

Fortunately, little lifestyle adjustments can do the trick.

Here are a few reasons why you always feel tired and what you can to avoid feeling this way.

  • Not getting enough quality sleep

When you don’t get sufficient amounts of sleep, your body weakens. While we sleep, our body releases hormones that regulate metabolism and energy levels. It also improves brain function and enhances cognitive performance. You lose sleep, you lose all that.

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  • Consuming excess refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates include sugars and processed foods. Excessive consumption of sugary and processed foods can increase blood sugar. The rapid rise ( and subsequent fall) in blood sugar can cause exhaustion.

  • Taking too little calories

Our bodies require a certain amount of calories to function properly everyday. When we fail to meet the minimum amount required, we tend to under-perform. Because our bodies have not been supplied with enough energy and sufficient nutrients.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Being inactive for an extended period of time has been discovered to induce fatigue. Yes, staying in one position throughout the day and doing little or nothing can make you feel weakened or tired.

  • Dehydration

Even the mildest case of dehydration can lead to fatigue. Drinking water is a good way to fuel our bodies and increase energy levels. We lose water during a lot of processes including sweat, breath, urine and tears etc. To replenish the lost water, we need to drinking adequate amounts daily.

What then can you do to avoid feeling fatigued?

  1. Reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods you take. Replace them with whole and more nutritious foods like legumes and veggies.
  2. Get active. Take walks, engage in exercise. Staying in one place for long is not good.
  3. Pick out the foods you are sensitive to and remove them from your diet.
  4. Make sure to eat sufficient amounts of healthy calories daily.
  5. Prioritize your night sleep. Getting adequate and quality sleep can go a long way in curing your fatigue. Also, try to limit your sleeping routine to night time. Sleeping during the day can mess your bodies natural sequence.
  6. Stay properly hydrated and take in sufficient amounts of protein.
  7. Reduce your reliance on energy drinks.
  8. Cut down every thing or activity that makes you stressed.



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