Amaechi and Orubebe Should Face The Law – Asari Dokubo


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The former leader of the Niger Delta Peoples’ Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Mujahid Asari-Dokubo has described the Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi and the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Orubebe as ‘Siamese twins’, noting that there was no difference between them.

In a scathing attack provoked by an earlier post on Facebook by an unnamed person who made comparisons between him and the Rivers State Governor, Asari-Dokubo replied via the same medium that it would amount to insanity for him to be compared with Amaechi, whom he said should submit himself to legal scrutiny.

“How on earth can any sane person compare me to Amaechi who is running from legal scrutiny, while I subjected myself to a very brutal treason trial for 22 months up to the Supreme Court without conviction? Let Amaechi and Orubebe subject themselves to the same level of legal scrutiny. Amaechi and Orubebe are Siamese twins; there is no difference between them,” he said.

Unimpressed with Amaechi’s trumpeted achievements as governor, Asari-Dokubo insisted that considering the massive financial resources at the disposal of the governor, trumpeting his modest achievements amounted to insults on the sensibility of the residents of the state.

“This Nigeria is indeed a paradox. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi with $3 billion yearly budget—which is the combined budget of three sovereign countries of Benin, Togo and Ghana, with an excess of over $100 million is working. What an insult on the sensibility of the people of Rivers State! Amaechi and Orubebe are Siamese twins; there is no difference between them.”

In another Facebook post, Asari-Dokubo took to bragging about his wealth, saying, “The rented apartment I live in at Kings Avenue, Tombia extension in Port Harcourt, is a public place and anybody can walk in. You can walk in and see the grandeur; ditto for my rented apartment in Abuja.

“Also please visit my hut in Buguma, which is attached to my grandmother’s house in King Abbi Polo. You can also take time to visit my unending construction in my mother’s town, Obuama.

“Furthermore, you should visit my home in Warri which was bought by my wife, Mama Aluta, on my behalf when I was in detention and see the exquisite grandeur.

“You can come to my adopted home in Cotonou to see the beauty of my houses which are integral part of my school, the King Amachree Arts Academy. When you come to Cotonou, you will appreciate the freedom and dignity I fought for myself, my children, my families and those who believe in me and still believe in me.”

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