American Airlines Flight Bursts Into Flames In Chicago’s O’Hare Intl. Airport

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American Airlines flight 383, which was departing for Miami from Chicago, blew a tire on the runway, and burst into flames.


The incident, which occurred at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Friday, has left about twenty persons hospitalised and many others in shock.

It was gathered that the Airplane which had about 161 passengers and nine crew members, blew a tire on the runway which damaged an engine prompting the pilot to abort take off.


The terrifying incident was captured on video by a passenger, who was able to film the chaos inside the plane despite trying to leave the plane.

Hector Cardenas, who captured the video footage, could be seen in the video shouting in panic as he goes down the slide, just like the others, in an attempt to leave the plane.


According  to the video footage, some passengers could be heard screaming, “let’s go, let’s go”, admist fear and panic.

Sarah Ahmed, one of the last persons to evacuate the plane, said smoke began to seep into the passenger compartment and she could see flames up against the windows.


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