American Billionaire, George Soros And Associates Establish Funds To Resist Donald Trump

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A new fund aimed at resisting the 45th United states president has been formed by three liberal donors and foundations -The Solidaire Network, the Threshold Foundation, and the Women Donors Network-, all groups connected to billionaire, George Soros.

The funds which is pooled to resist the new United states president is called ‘The Emergent Fund’ saddled with the goal of countering “immediate threats” posed by Donald Trump and his administration to “immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color.”

The Emergent Fund which was established late last year aims to quickly fund groups to take direct, immediate action against Republicans.

The fund has however received little pubic attention since its establishment although it has raised over half a million dollars to be distributed to groups opposing Republicans.

Groups to beneft from the fund includes the Black Lives Matter Network amongst others.

The fund website states that “These communities need increased capacity so that they can respond, act nimbly, and develop new strategies in this new period.”

It added: “The fund will focus on grassroots organizations in communities of color who are facing injustice based on racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination. We will provide resources to defend against what’s coming, and to develop innovative strategies to transform our country.”

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