American singers afraid to perform at Trump’s inauguration for fear of backlash from fans

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According to reports, some singers are scared of the potential negative impact on their careers if they perform for US President-elect, Donald Trump, at his inauguration in 2017.

Even Celine Dion said she couldn’t perform at the inauguration because she already had other engagements to perform at that time.

According to TMZ’s report below:

There’s a secret scare in the music world over Donald Trump’s inauguration … some singers and bands want to perform but they’re getting cold feet because they’re worried it will hurt their career.

Sources in the music industry connected with people who have been “on the list” tell us … some of the singers and groups have floated rumors they might perform to judge the public reaction … which by and large has scared them into running for the hills instead of towards the Hill.

We’re told trial balloons were floated by at least 4 camps … we’re told everyone’s so scared of the backlash the camps will never admit they’ve even entertained the prospect of singing at the inauguration … they’re all so worried it will negatively impact the artists’ careers.

It’s a sea change from every other inauguration. Up to now it didn’t matter if it was a Dem or a Republican, there were enough big stars willing to perform it wasn’t a problem.

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