American University Shut Down When 100 Students Develop Diarrhoea

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In Connecticut in the U.S a prestigious university, Western Connecticut State University in Danbury was closed on Monday after 100 students fell ill.

The affected students suffered from vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pains.

John Clark, the University President, said in a statement on Monday that crews were sanitizer and disinfecting the two campuses.

He assured the public that the university authority would make sure that the institution was safe and virus free to the public before reopening.

Clark said, “The decision to shut the university was the best and most conservative course of action to protect the community from infection and spread of the disease.”

He urged students to return home to curb the spread of the infection and advised those
unable to go to stay in their rooms.

They were also alerted to seek emergency attention if they suffered from dehydration, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches and muscle cramps.

No further information was provided on the nature of the infection.



Ibukun El-dau studied economics and philosophy at University College London. He later completed a course in screenwriting at Ealing film school in London. He has a keen interest in film-making, having completed a directors course at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He is well traveled and an avid reader, gamer and writer.

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