Americans baffled as Nigerian Play boy attends wedding with 6 pregnant Girlfriends


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Americans have been rendered into a state of utter shock after a Nigerian playboy showed up at a wedding party with his 6 pregnant girlfriends.

Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike became the centre of attraction at the wedding of top Actor and Skit maker Williams Uchemba after he showed up in the company of 6 heavily pregnant ladies.

When asked about his majestic entrance, Pretty Boy Mike claimed the ladies were carrying his babies.

Americans who could not fathom the information took to New York Times Twitter handle to express their thoughts.


Here comes another side of Corona virus and its lock down after effects


That had to be an orgy. How they all look like they in the same term as well? 🥴


The chances of them all ovulating at the same time is pretty slim.


He must be the the Nigerian guy always sending people emails asking for $$.


I think that guy owes me money, I already sent him my bank information


He must have stopped reading the bible at Genesis, lol


You’d think he’d be able to afford each womans’ individual shade of makeup, instead of bulk-buying the same shade for all of them.


It’s sad that we live in a time and culture where he would be proud of this, rather than shame.


💀💀💀💀💀 the headache this man about to have


Unfortunately, men living in traditional, misogynistic societies have been living like this throughout history.


Homeboy couldn’t pull out of a driveway


The proud father disappeared 5 minutes after this photo was taken


The one on the far right looks like she’s 16


99 problems and a pregnant ain’t one!!


What NBA team does he play for?


In some cultures he is a man among men.


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