Amotekun: Nigerians Blast Tinubu for Sitting On The Fence


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Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is revered as the Yoruba Leader of Nigerian politics has released a statement revealing his stance on Operation Amotekun.

However, Nigerians have accused the APC National Leader of sitting on the fence concerning Amotekun as his statement neither revealed his support nor opposition to the security outfit.

There are speculations that the APC Chieftain does not want to step on toes ahead of his perceived presidential ambition for 2023

Read some reactions culled from Twitter and Nairaland


Tinubu is speaking from both sides of his mouth on this.
Summary of what he said:
He is not saying that Amotekun is bad but he is not saying the government is wrong either.

Performing like a trapeze artist in a circus – balancing this side and that side, seeking to offend none and to appease all: is this your leader??
Tinubu is an example of an unscrupulous politician whose politics is never guided by ideals or principles, only ambition. SHAME.

I read his statement and all I can deduce is, Tinubu is saying he’s not for or against the creation of amotekun.

He doesn’t want to openly oppose it as it will divide his SW vote and doesn’t want to support it as the northern elite will make sure he doesn’t clinch the position he’s been eyeing for years.

My conclusion is, Tinubu is a typical Naija politician, they only care about their pocket and ambition

come out clean! All the story didn’t point to any direction…we still don’t know where you stand on Amotekeun sir


Imagine being of that age and still afraid to speak your mind boldly on national issues by conviction – Fayemi that spoke up, he doesn’t have ambition after Ekiti governorship? Or Akeredolu isn’t going to need APC for a second term ticket? Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a joke.


Tinubu is the traitor general of Yoruba land, not a leader, He’s a TRAITOR as far as Amotekun is concerned. I said what I said…

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As usual, aside FFK and some few, hardly will you see a typical politician from the WEST hitting straight forward .

Just look at how he ended up saying nothing, busy beating around without condemning and supporting what should be condemned and supported.

To the gullible ones thinking Tinubu cares for them, do well to have it in mind that he’ll choose the North over you lots just to get presidential ticket.


This Tinubu is an idiot.

Hiding his stupidity with Semantics that doesn’t deal with the issue at hand

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