Andy Ruiz vs Joshua: British boxer reveals secret of reclaiming heavyweight belts


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British fighter Anthony Joshua has reclaimed his heavyweight titles six months after initially losing them to Andy Ruiz.

Joshua won the bout through unanimous decision, having amassed more points than his opponent in the bout.

The British boxer, however, said he paid his dues to remain hungry and humble for the success.

According to him, “I want to thank God. I want to say that the first time was so nice, I just had to do it twice. A man like me don’t make no excuses. This is about boxing.

“I’m use to knocking guys out but I had to correct myself and put on a boxing masterclass. You have to hit and not get hit.
 I stay hungry and humble.

“Thank you everyone, I don’t know what to say. So to everyone around the world and in this building – let’s go! .Careers are all about experiences, I took my ‘L’ and hit back. I’d do it all again, if you are heard, we going to do a third.”

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