Ansaru releases video of French captive [Watch]

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Nigerian Islamic group Ansaru released a video of French national kidnapped in December, according to Jihadi tracking.

In the video, the hostage identified himself as 63-year-old Francis Collomp, an engineer with the French firm Vergnet, who was abducted in Rimi in Katsina State on 19 December 2012 till date.

Collomp appeared to be wearing a white t-shirt with an unidentified person holding a weapon in the background.

Collomp’sbrother , Denis Collomp , talked to the AFP about his relief at seeing the images, but is understandably concerned about his brother’s safety.

“I’m relieved, it’s good, even though he looked tired,” he said from his home in southeastern France.

But he added: “Ansaru have never released a single hostage, so it’s still very worrying,” recalling that his brother had undergone a triple heart bypass years ago.

Parts of the short video statement are not clear, but Francis Collomp can be heard calling for “negotiations” for his “safe release.”

In the latter half of the three minute video, the camera focuses on an Arabic statement that addresses the governments of France and Nigeria, according to the translations provided by SITE.

Though there is no mention of further attacks, or threats on Collomp’s life, the statement vows to respond to ‘treachery and treason’ by the French and Nigerian Government with reciprocity.

Collomp had been working on a wind power project in Katsina when he was taken by 30 gunmen at his residence.

His gate was reported to have been riddled with bullet holes after the attack.

Ansaru confirmed their actions days later, claiming the act was a justification for France’s push for military intervention against the Islamic rebels who had seized northern Mali.

Ansaru also claims to be responsible for the kidnapping of seven foreign nationals working on a construction project in Bauchi State in February.

A video was later posted online which appeared to show the mentioned hostages being killed.

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