Anto And Khloe Revealed As Big Brother Housemates Brought Back To The House


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Anto and Khloe are Big Brother housemates again! The duo were selected as the contestants with the chance to win the prize again after it was announced a few weeks ago that two housemates would be brought back.

The two are once more in the running to win the 45 Million Naira up for grabs by the winner of the competition.

Anto stated that she had a good idea that she would be getting back into the house after seeing just how much support she was getting and she also hinted that other housemates who might be of the mind that they are important don’t have as much support as they think.

Khloe suffered what many felt was an unfair disqualification as she was made to leave the house after her partner K.Brule was struck for a third time and was therefore required to leave the house.

When interviewed, she stated that she had a couple of scores to settle and that she’d be bringing the drama back to the house. She also stated that the housemates can’t expect to get much sleep now that she’s back.

Nigerians suspected that Khloe would be one of the ones brought back after photos of her at the South African airport surfaced online.

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