Anybody who loves Kwara will not follow Buhari – Saraki

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Senate President Bukola Saraki has urged residents of Kwara State not to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking during a campaign rally in Offa over the weekend, Saraki, who is the Director General of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council, said that the APC has nothing to offer the state.

He disclosed that APC leaders in Kwara do not have any access to Buhari but have to go through intermediaries.

On the contrary, he said, the PDP has shown it takes Kwara State seriously by the positions Kwara indigenes hold within the party.

He further noted that the Federal Government would have dealt with him if he had any skeleton in his cupboard.

Saraki said, “I had earlier told my people that they can’t do the Offa campaign in my absence. They may do those of others but not this one. Offa and Ilorin have a long history of relationship. Once the two would agree on anything it is taken. I see myself as a son of Offa.

“Our campaign has a definite plan for Kwara State and Nigeria. Since we joined the PDP the party has honored Kwara State, they gave us DG of Campaign, National Leader of the party and have agreed that if the party wins, Senate President is our slot in Kwara. But what has the other party to offer? If I have skeleton in my cupboard this government would have silenced me and forced me to drop the campaign.
“But for God and the support of the people I would not be standing today. They did not want to honor our agreement. We all laboured and what they could not get in three times they got it and we demanded that they give to Kwara what we deserve. We need to teach our seasonal politicians a lesson on the poll date.
We want community development, let everybody come and contribute their quota to our communities; when Saraki do his own and let them too do their own. I heard that some politicians have been buying JAMB forms in 2019. The question to ask is where were they in 2016, where were they in 2017?

“APC leaders in Kwara can’t access President Buhari for anything. They will first have to go and submit their request to Lagos and it is only when Lagos is satisfied with the request that it will be forwarded to Buhari who may or not do it. Anybody who loves Kwara will not follow Buhari. The Federal Civil Service Commission that was supposed to rotate to Kwara he has refused and given it to another state.”

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