Aproko Doctor: Neurosurgeon, Dr Tayo Ojo, praised for successful brain surgery


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A Nigerian neurosurgeon, Dr. Tayo Ojo, has gained instant celebrity status on the internet after leading a successful procedure to remove a brain tumor of popular health content creator, Dr. Chinonso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor.

In a viral video on Monday, Aproko Doctor disclosed that he underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor that partially blinded him.

In another post, he shared a photo of Dr. Ojo and named him as the doctor that performed the procedure.

Aproko Doctor said, “It was Dr. Tayo Ojo, a neurosurgeon here in Nigeria, that did the surgery. So many people begged me to leave the country and get the surgery done, but something kept me back here because I still had trust in us. We just need more investment in our health sector.”

See tweet:

Lagoon Hospital, where the procedure was carried out, shared a photo of the patient and medical team.

“Thank you for trusting us with your care and bringing awareness to the quality of service available at our facilities to individuals who require it.

“It was an honor to have you at our facility and we’re extremely pleased with your recovery,” the hospital tweeted.

Reacting, many followers of the health influencer thanked Dr. Ojo for deploying his skills and experience to save his colleague’s life.

An influencer, Leo Dasilva said, “I know of this man, brilliant and exceptional.”

@BalogunsolaSola said, “Wow! Same Dr. Tayo Ojo did my father’s brain surgery in 2019, and my old man is doing just great.”

@sucrefashions said, “Same here. I was advised to travel out but my family doctor insisted that Tayo Ojo is one of the best in Nigeria. He did my surgery 6 years ago in LUTH. A very good neurosurgeon.”

Dare-Ogunleye Mayowa said, “Dr. Tayo Ojo is someone I will never forget. He removed a tumor from my brother’s spine in 2019. On election day, it was supposed to be a rest day for him. It wasn’t a surgery day. He promised us the previous day, and I thought he won’t sacrifice his rest day but be did. God bless you, doc.”

@be_mmanuel said, “I am a neurofibromatosis patient. He did a spine surgery for me too at LUTH. He also assisted Dr. Ugboro in doing a skin grafting surgery of the foot for me. I do much love that man. He is (at) neurosurgery department in LUTH Lagos.”

@Drwendyfresh said, “Dr Tayo Ojo has always been an inspiration to many of us. He is a rare gem. In 2013 he won the prestigious Young Neurosurgeon award at the World Federation of Neurosurgeons. God bless Dr Tayo.”

@Mobola17 said, “Dr. Ojo is a lifesaver. He literally saved me. One of the best yet humble doctors I have met.”



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