Ardova Contributes N50m to Oil Industry’s COVID-19 Fund, CEO


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Ardova Plc, formerly Forte Oil, has contributed N50 million to the collective industry fund of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Mr Olumide Adeosun, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, said in Lagos on Monday that the money was donated via the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN).

Adeosun said the fund was instituted to upgrade at least one hospital and build an isolation centre.

“We are living in scary and uncertain times but what is clear is eliminating and defeating the pandemic requires all of us being involved; as government, businesses and communities. All hands must be on deck.

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“As part of an industry-wide effort, Ardova Plc has donated N50 million to the NNPC collective industry fund, via the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria.

“In our own firm, we have also donated solar energy systems to isolation centres in Lagos and Abuja to ensure that patients and medical personnel in these facilities do not experience interrupted power supply.

“We have also donated fuels to power isolation centres and pandemic nerve centres in Lagos State,” Adeosun said.

He noted that the company was also working with its Community Social Responsibility partners, Five Cowries Initiative, to make donations to community-focused causes.

Adeosun said the community-focused initiative was part of its efforts “to support the most vulnerable, particularly the children in the neighbourhoods in which we have operations.”

He explained that the company, following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria, had put in place a focused response programme designed to minimise the organisational impact.

“We have heightened safety and hygiene standards at all our facilities: staff at our retail stations, lubricants and chemical plants have been provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to ensure that they are protected while getting their jobs done.

“Ardova Plc remains committed to supplying the energy needs of our customers during this period, and our stations remain open to provide them with fuels, lubricants and cooking gas.

“We fully support the Federal Government’s efforts to remove petrol subsidy for the downstream, as it will allow subsidy money to be re-allocated to areas that truly benefit the broader population and have more impact on our development as a nation.

“I appreciate the lockdowns have not been easy and have taken a mental and socio-economic toll, especially to less privileged members of society.

“The shared optimism and global united front to fight COVID-19 signals the resilience of the human spirit during these uncertain times.

“At this time, we must commend the private initiatives that have sprung up across the nation to take care of the most vulnerable. Let us not forget to look out for each other, especially the less privileged in our midst,” he said.

Speaking on a post-COVID-19 era, Adeosun assured shareholders, partners, customers and other stakeholders that the company was well-positioned to respond to the changes in the business environment.

“We will continue to deliver our products and services at the highest levels of safety, integrity and operational excellence.

“Ardova Plc will be ready then, as we are now, to power the brave new world that emerges,” he said.

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