Argentina Fitness Coach Reveals How He Found Messi Alone, Crying In 2016

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Former fitness coach of the Argentina senior national team, Elvio Paolorosso has revealed the state he found Lionel Messi after the Albiceleste lost the 2016 Copa America finals to Chile.

Paolorosso made the revelation in a chat with Argentina radio.

Recall that Argentina lost the 2016 finals played in the United States after initially losing a previous one in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

The team had also lost the 2014 World Cup finals in-between, further adding to the international woes of the 31-year-old, five-time Ballon D’Or winner.


Messi after losing the 2016 Copa America final to Chile

Paolorosso disclosed that although the whole team was devastated after the 2016 loss, the Barcelona ace perhaps took the loss hardest as criticism of his contributions to the Argentine national team continued to grow.

He said, “The dressing room after the Copa America was very painful, but the worst was to come.

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“At two in the morning, more or less, I went to the store room and found Leo [Messi] completely alone, crying like a kid who lost his mother.

“He was distraught and nobody could console him. I gave him a hug and we had a little whine together.

“I had Messi in Barcelona and Argentina and all I have for him are words of gratitude. He always cooperated well and even noticed if the pitch was hard or soft.”


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