Armageddon Concert Weekend: EME vs Chris Brown vs Rhythm Unplugged

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With all the competing concerts coming up on Armageddon weekend, its tough to take a decision on where to be rocking with your peeps. The Mayans predicted the end of the world, but Nigeria’s biggest promoters are adamant on staging the hottest shows Nigeria has ever seen. Rumor has it that film makers from all over the world will also be at the shows this weekend in order to capture history like never before.

First of all on Friday at Oceanview, there’s the R28 concert featuring EME, where Wizkid and his label mates will be lighting up the stage like diamonds. This is arguably one of the best put together shows to attend this Christmas, as R28 has reportedly spent over a million dollars just putting the show together, with lighting, sound and stage imported from abroad, and over a dozen expatriates flown in to work alongside the best and brightest in the industry. EME is also being very silent on who their surprise acts are, and are more focused on keeping the attention on their indigenous brand.

Then on Saturday, the day after the world is supposed to end, America’s R&B sensation Chris Brown is slated to light up the stage at the Expo center. This is provided there is still an Expo center after the end of the world. Chris Brown is probably one of the top ten megastars in the world at the moment. Also some of Nigeria’s hit-makers will also be performing.

Finally on Sunday (after everyone must have gone to church to give thanks for the world not ending), as a grand finale, the guys at Rhythm Unplugged are bringing out the entire Nigerian entertainment industry (perhaps with the exception of Nollywood. Oh! Wait! Tonto Dikeh is involved) on stage at the Expo Center. This should be interesting if at all is it possible to feature that many acts in that little time.

Well, Rhythm has promised virtually everybody in the industry including Adewale Ayuba, Tillaman, Chidinma, Rayce, Sound Sultan and K9. With over 60 artists lined up for the concert, perhaps concert goers could expect to be there for two days straight. The problem with too much variety is that it can compromise on quality and become redundant. Undoubtedly the mind of the organizers is to have something for everyone, and we all love assorted, except for when there’s that one piece of meat you just don’t particularly fancy. Then you begin to wonder if it was such a good idea to have that much assorted to begin with.

Well, whatever the fans decide, tickets for all the shows can be purchased on

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