Armed Robber Rapes Man after Robbery Operation in Lagos


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Wonders they say shall never end in the land of the living as strange happenings continue to spring surprises on us in the society. A robbery attack ended in a bad way for a man who was sodomised by an armed robber after an entire gang  of 10 robbed the family.

The robbery attack which happened in the Lekki area of Lagos state ended on a bad note for the man as one of the armed robbers decided to rape one of their victims in the anus till he defecated after robbing the family of N95,000.

Reports also have it that none of the female occupants of the house was touched as the robbers made their escape after the act.

The man who has since been hospitalized is physically and psychologically messed up. Read the report of the incident as shared by one of the witnesses of the armed robbery incident on social media;

Men of the underworld, invaded our house here in Lekki Ibeju Lagos State at about 12 minutes pass 1am, I still remember vividly they were 10 in number that come into our apartment, with others mounting surveillance outside in case security operative arrives so they can be signal and flee.

My husband, my younger sister, my husband’s nephew, my grown up female kids my gateman and my domestic servant (female) were in the house when the robbers came.

They were huge and muscle man well mask, the brought out everybody from their room Assembly us at the sitting room. They commanded my husband to bring all the money he has from the house, fortunately my husband had 95,000 naira cash in the house so he was accompanied by one of them to our room and they collected the money.

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They said I can’t believe this is all you have so they searched everywhere in the house and collected some money from each room they entered. Before they started their operation they had collected all our cell phones.

We went through torture from these robbers, surprisingly one of them was a gay, so he raped my husband’s nephew through the anus till he defecated and he left him. We were crying and they hurriedly and left.

We took him to the hospital and if he wants to defecate if he doesn’t go to the restroom quick he will release it on his trouser. So sir that’s what happened to us. Only my husband’s nephew, they didn’t touch any of us being female.

Wonders indeed shall never end.

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