This Is Why we Arrested Audu Maikori- Police

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Audu Maikori, lawyer and head of Chocolate city was arrested by DSS officials according to reports on charges of inciting the public after he posted some tweets that caused a considerable ruckus on social media.

According to the Vanguard, a Police officer confirmed that Maikori was indeed arrested, while he declined to comment on which department did it, he did shed some light as to why he was arrested.

The officer stated that he was arrested because of false statements that could potentially cause religious and communal clashes. Due to his following on social media and his standing in society, Maikori’s actions are being looked at rather closely.

According to the officer, “Do you know the number of persons, particularly the youths that follow the social media. Imagine sending fake information about killings of one group in a situation of crisis which did not exist. Are you trying to ignite more killings or bloodshed among people who have lived together for years or what?

“Any way there is no cause for worry. Investigations will clear the air about the allegations against him. The police will not just arrest people without a reason”.

Ever since the news broke, there has been a huge response with the hashtag #freeaudu trending on Twitter.

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