Asymptomatic Mother Infects 17 Of Her 18 Children With Coronavirus

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An asymptomatic mother has mistakenly infected 17 of her 18 children with the deadly coronavirus.

Brittany Jencik from New York said she was asymptomatic after contracting the coronavirus and unknowingly infected 17 of her 18 children.

Brittany, who adopted some of her 18 children began showing symptoms from the virus as the children also began showing symptoms.

She said: “It was terrifying. I was a little ahead of them in the timing of it all,

“I was as afraid of my life as I had ever been, and not much scares me, I was extremely concerned that I was never going to be the same.”

After weeks of isolation, the family is slowly recovering from the deadly virus. It was not clear how Jencik herself got infected.

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So far, New York State, the nation’s epicenter of the outbreak, has had more than 223,699 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which has been blamed for more than 12,800 deaths.

Across the country, there have been 691,567 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which has been blamed for 36,185 deaths.


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