At $301m, Chateau Louis XIV Is The World’s Most Expensive Home


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The Chateau Louis XIV in France has officially become the world’s most expensive home, after it sold for $301 million to an unidentified buyer from the Middle East in a deal brokered by the real estate division of prominent auction house, Christie’s.

Named after one of the greatest kings to ever rule France, Louis XIV or Louis The Great, this opulent 57-acre edifice is located between Versailles and Marly-le-Roi.

Having been named after this powerful king who ruled for 72 years, the setting of the mansion is made to depict 17th Century luxury.

This property, which was built over a course of three years by Cogemad, comes with a grand ballroom, an underground night club, a magnificent wine cellar, a squash court, a home cinema and an underwater room complete with fishes swimming inside transparent walls.

According to Cogemad, the property development firm that built the edifice,  “With elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leafed fountain, an infinite array of flowers, marble statues, bridle paths and a hedged labyrinth, the property’s park and gardens evoke the genius of Le Notre.”

Le Notre was the personal gardener of Louis XIV, who was also known as the Sun King.

The previous record for the most expensive home sold was held by a penthouse in London that was sold for around $221 million in 2011.

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