At War With the Church, Is Daddy Freeze Any Smart?

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Daddy freeze is in the category of those who know something, however little, and believe that everyone else is dumb. Not considering what others may know – that he doesn’t, or how he’s so sure of what he thinks he knows, without understanding that there are limits and that he may be so wrong.

In his defeated campaign against true Churches, a major point he always raises is that people are gullible, dumb, brainwashed, stupid, or even foolish.

This pattern is a common playbook across Nigeria and certain other not developed countries, where uncles, fathers, aunties, bosses, teachers, professors, friends and others always repeat “you are not smart”, or “think smart” or “act smart” or “behave smart”.

Yes, it is possible to have lots of cases of dumb words and actions, but generally, a truly smart individual pursues how to carry those upcoming, and also be far more forgiving and nurturing, rather than castigations – often.

This type of leadership may be part of the problems of Nigeria, where playing the acceptable ‘smartness’ game led to so much branding, packaging, results, and other stuff that are everywhere – but Nigeria remains underdeveloped with so many recurring problems.

This also may have led to halting raw and fire talents that sometimes would have grown with trying new things, allowing some harmless failures and nomadic studying. But no, whatever one person says smartness is, to another irrespective of the situation – in Nigeria – means smartness or not, if otherwise.

Questioning Intelligence 

Daddy freeze loves to question the intelligence of people, believing that whatever he says or thinks about Churches are right. So it is not bad to question the intelligence of the individual who loves to do the same for all.

But first, what is smartness and what is intelligence? What are the real measures of true intelligence and what is the role of thoughtfulness? Are there differences between those who make the best grades in class, and those who succeed in business or arts or those who make massive scientific or engineering discoveries? At what point can a person be considered – permanently – smart? What are the measures of smartness of a country or people? Do emotions and beliefs inhibit or induce intelligence? How does intelligence and smartness lead to passion? What is the difference between knowledge, analytics, understanding and smartness? What is the difference between a genius and a smart person?

Some of these questions are broad and there are studies on many of them, but one angle is that if a country is developed and the other is not developed, does it mean there are generally smarter people in one than the other or is it a case of opportunities or efforts, or resources or chance, or luck?

Nigeria is not developed. Nigeria is not so poor to not be able afford doing major solutions in some areas. However, there are not a lot of internally innovated – major problem solving – solutions.

But Churches are a lot. And there are fake churches and pastors just like there are real ones. Also, there are several kinds of unnecessary approaches and actions that give all Churches a bad name.

True Churches are – in a general sense – for character development of individuals. Not national development. People grow Faith in Churches, and sometimes learn to Hope against Hope in dire difficulties.

The growths of Churches have also depended on contributions, little by little, over several years from members – poor or rich – for buildings, welfare and maintenance. Churches are not business centers. Tithes are not a scam. Offerings, first fruit and seed offering are also not scams – in true Churches and for those who are truly Christians.

How does anyone not understand this, and claim to be smart by taking on a doomed campaign that Churches are bad for society and those going or giving are gullible?

Assuming true Churches said they were for other stuff and refused to do those then – maybe, but their vision and purpose are marching on.

Church Universities

Looking a little deeper into an external aspect of the Church – their Universities; though the lead Pastors of Churches have a general control over stuff that belong to the Church, whatever is great or not about Church Universities are often the responsibility of the management there, not necessarily of the Church’s leadership.

If the reason for creation of Church Universities were for Church-type environment learning, and then no strikes, most of them have achieved that. But in setting things up, if they did not consider that market conditions would cause fee hikes, and they did not weigh the optics of it, or focused on it, then – maybe – that is why there are all the criticisms. Not a justification or criticism of the fees, but if it was not their target, or totally under their control, then, they may not have done the worst.

There are expectations of a University and there are things to change along the way, but most times, sticking to their values, and being able to disseminate rapid fire knowledge for real solutions are great.

Contrary to the popular thinking, high fees are not the greatest ‘failures’ of Church – or other private – universities in Nigeria.

Daddy freeze Unintelligent

Daddy freeze has never said anything peculiarly original, or anything that is so thoughtful that would become a theory. He engages in bargain-basement approach, quick distortion and confusion. Daddy freeze is the perfect example of an individual who calls others foolish but needs self-advice to look in the mirror.

Yes, several developed countries are less religious than Nigeria, but no one takes on a full-time campaign of foolishness against the harmless Christian Faith – of others. Going or giving in Church mostly concerns the doer and no one else. Casting burdens on Christ often helps true Christians get through tough situations without using, abusing and doing certain harmful stuff.

Churches are not a development hindrance to Nigeria – rather, the kind of unintelligence and lack of the ability to learn to focus – of daddy freeze – is.

Many of his internet supporters still go to Church. There must be a reason for it. Some people believe that wickedness, evil and tragedy that can happen anytime in Nigeria makes many Hope it does not happen to them because the Nigerian underdevelopment desperation is a catastrophic risk and could make anyone helpless – irrespective.

Nigeria’s mysterious underdevelopment case has made many to learn to Hope. And that Hope, through the Christian Faith is difficult to war against. Some people have had true miracles and testimoniesruining challenges – through true Faith and Hope in Christ.

So a so-called smart person who has no focus, whose mission cannot achieve anything in what he, chose to pursue and who has been strikingly thoughtless without another way for fame – except parasitism – is unlikely – to be – smart.


Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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