Atiku Reveals What Obasanjo Told Him Before Endorsement


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PDP’s Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has revealed what former President Olusegun Obasanjo said to him before endorsing him as President.

The news took everyone by surprise as the long-time foes suddenly became friends and something that no one ever thought would happen unfolded before everyone’s eyes.

Atiku speaking at a meeting with the PDP BoT on Thursday, revealed that Obasanjo took him to a separate room and told him to vet his speech and that if there was anything in the said speech was not to the former President’s liking, he would have to remove it.

Atiku said:  “We had the most successful outing with my former boss. It’s all over the news that we had a fantastic meeting, we had a fantastic press conference, after which we had a sumptuous lunch.

“I will not say whether he’s a member of PDP or not but I can confirm to you he is with us in body and spirit because before he delivered his statement, two of us went into the room. He said: “VP, sit down, read this my statement. If there is anything you don’t want in that statement, I will remove it.” I read it and said, ” Mr President, am totally in agreement with all what you have said.”

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“With this statement, I’m going to launch your campaign to the presidency.”

“That is vintage Olusegun Obasanjo for you.”

Atiku also stated that he had already subsumed his former opponents for the PDP ticket into his campaign plans as they were a part of everything he did.

He also said he’d reward the members of the Bot if he emerges as President

“We have passed the first phase. We are now going into the second phase, a phase that is extremely important, a phase that we should not underrate our opponents, a phase that we need total dedication and a phase that will, ultimately, bring us the success that we desire.

“I, therefore, implore all of you, those qualities that I have mentioned which you definitely possess, it is time for you to unleash them and make sure we record a phenomenal success during the elections.

“I can assure you that I am prepared to work with all of you and I am prepared to reward every one of you if we unite, we work together, and achieve success.

“Here again, let me commend the sense of responsibility and the patriotism displayed by my fellow contestants. From the very day, last Sunday, when I addressed the convention and delivered my acceptance speech, we have been working together. And each and every one of them is involved in whatever we are doing because I believe that it is our responsibility to provide that sense of unity and that sense of leadership to the rest of the party members.

“I want to thank you for this meeting. It is indeed a unique meeting.”

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