Atiku’s USA Trip, A PR Disaster- Festus Keyamo


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The spokesperson for the APC’s Presidential campaign, Festus Keyamo, has mocked PDP’s Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar’s trip to the USA.

It was the first time in 12 years that the former Vice President was able to travel abroad and Keyamo said that Atiku’s demeanour throughout the trip was that of a fugitive.

“Rather than being the highpoint of his campaign, the American visit is indeed the lowest watermark of Atiku Abubakar’s campaign. It was a political and P.R disaster,” Keyamo said in a statement. 

“The statements he released from there only to the Nigerian Press back home that he intends to alienate other countries and do business with the U.S is actually the antithesis to our policy of non-alignment.

“Therefore, we were not surprised by his visit to the U.S. For us, this visit is really a non-event considering the issues involved in the forthcoming election. 

“However, we have bad news for those who think this is a momentous event for Atiku Abubakar: the visit was nothing but a downright catastrophe because rather than dispel the fact of indictments hanging over his head, it further confirms and reinforces those facts.

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“Whoever advised Atiku Abubakar to undertake that trip to America just destroyed his entire campaign and exposed him for who he is – a questionable character who has continued to leave huge questions over his suitability for the highest office of the land and as such cannot be trusted by the Nigerian people.

“In all, it is very obvious now that the so-called American trip was a desperate trip for photo-ops. 

“Throughout the trip, Atiku Abubakar looked cagey, frightened and on edge. We note the close support always provided by Senate President Bukola Saraki like a comforting guardian angel. 

“The visit and arrangements smack of things local yahoo yahoo boys do to scam their victims. It is utterly disgusting and puerile that it has been brought into a serious political contest.”


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