Attempted Murder, Trial for 2 Men who threw Scooter onto Autobahn


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Two German men were on trial for attempted murder in western Germany on Thursday for throwing a 25-kilogram electric scooter onto a busy highway in September 2019 .

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The men, aged 18 and 22, are said to have thrown the electric scooter off a nine meter high wall near a tunnel entrance.

Four cars were involved and resulted to an accident, but no one was seriously injured.

The court heard that the men had been drinking and had a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit.

The older of the two defendants said he could not explain what had happened. “My head was just switched off,’’ he told the Bochum district court at the start of the trial. “We didn’t think.’’

The younger defendant cannot remember the events of that day but said he would not contest the charges, defence lawyer Dieter Stoffer said.

“He wants to face up to what he did,’’ Stoffer said.

The pair borrowed 1,000 euros (1,115 dollars) before the trial which they gave to the woman whose car was hit by the scooter.

They also wrote letters of apology from prison.

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